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Key Principles

Solidarity - we are all responsible for each other.

Subsidiarity - allowing people to be able to contribute to decision-making at all levels.

This is reflected in the following expectations:

  1. The MAC Directors and all staff and Governors at all academies within the MAC take collective responsibility for all our children.
  2. Academies and the MAC Directors will work in partnership with families and parishes to promote strong, positive links within the wider community.
  3. All MACs in the Archdiocese of Birmingham will work together with the DES to ensure that best practice is available to all and where support is needed it is readily available, creating an environment where academies work together for mutual support and the benefit of all our children.
  4. No individual academy will be left in a vulnerable position.
  5. Unity will be maintained across the Archdiocese of Birmingham under the authority and direction of the Archbishop and those acting on his behalf, and all academies will strive to provide the best possible Catholic education for all children.
  6. The MAC Directors adopt the Scheme of Delegation in accordance with the MAC Articles. The DES, the MAC Directors and the Governors agree that best practice in the organisation of academies will change over time. Therefore, the Scheme of Delegation will be reviewed at least annually at the end of each academic year by the DES and each review will consider feedback received from MACs, LGBs and Headteachers. That review will also update the Scheme of Delegation to ensure that it accords with the law and the requirements of the DfE from time to time. The current version of the Scheme of Delegation will be available on request from the DES and will be available on the DES website. At any time, the Scheme of Delegation adopted by the MAC Directors shall be the version available at that time from the DES.