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  • Fraser Long

    Catholic Senior Executive Lead

    52 weeks

  • Martin Bayliss

    Chief Finance Officer

    52 weeks

  • Sarah Butler

    PA to CSEL

    Full time (Term time)

Education & Safeguarding

  • Jane Hemery

    Primary Lead for School Improvement

Operations & Facilities

  • Matthew Brandish

    Operations Manager

    52 weeks


  • Sarah Sienkiewicz

    Governance Manager

Human Resources

  • Ann O'reilly

    HR Manager

    Full-time (40 weeks)


  • Susan Aistrop

    Finance Officer

    Part-time, 15 hours (52 weeks)

  • Ian Danne

    Management Accountant

    Part-time, 3 Days (52 weeks)

  • Debbie Freeman

    Finance Officer @ BGN (MAC Extended Support)

    Term time only

  • Julia Allman

    Senior Finance Assistant @ BGN (MAC Extended Support)

    Tuesday to Friday (term-time)

  • Janina Blonska

    Finance Officer @ BGN (MAC Extended Support)